Southern CA residents have expressed concerns about breathing fresh air in LA county, the smog capital of our country. Our team takes the best approach to mitigate earthquake risk while properly following drought and water conservation regulations and focusing on renewable energy to reduce our carbon imprint on the atmosphere and global warming. GGE has taken these environmental concerns seriously and strives to purchase buildings at or near the LA beaches with earthquake mitigation, subterranean parking, and or certified earthquake retrofitting. We also utilize non-toxic cleansers, drought resistant landscaping, solar renewable energy and smoke-free buildings, gate-to-gate, eliminating BBQ. With secondary smoke concerns, we are striving to give our health conscious residents the pursuit of healthy venues and life-style alternatives.

G&G Enterprises who are we and what do we do:

We are owners and property managers of apartments located at and near the Southbay Beaches In Redondo Beach, Torrance, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach and Lomita.
We are Health conscious starting with the air we breathe. All of our complexes are located in the marine envelope with air coming off the Pacific Ocean before mingling with the air further inland which becomes Los Angeles air (the smog capital of our nation)

Medical literature informs us that life expectancy can be enhanced 3-5 yrs and the quality of life improved especially with conditions of hayfever, asthma and emphysema improved.
CA and LA are in earthquake country with established historical faults GGE obtains buildings with subterranean parking which concentrates steel and concrete diminishing the risk of loss to life and property. Many of our other bldgs have been earthquake retrofit for the same reasons. While there are no guarantees in earthquakes, the risks can be substantially diminished.